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Twitter Fight Club, 2013 edition

It’s that time of year again! Twitter Fight Club kicks off for 2013 and, as with last year’s tournament, I will be one of several judges trying to decipher and adjudicate the coming virtual fracas. For the uninitiated, all the information you need can be found here. My judging criteria will be the same as I used […]

The First Rule of Twitter Fight Club…

It’s time for #TFC12, baby! I’ve been invited to be one of several judges for this year’s Twitter Fight Club tournament, so I felt it only fitting to outline what I see as my judging criteria for contestants in my bracket quadrant. 1. Quality of arguments – First and foremost, the quality of arguments will […]

MINDEF addresses National Security & Strategy Workshop 2011

Midway through last November I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Curtin University National Security & Strategy Workshop. The keynote speaker was the Minister for Defence, the Hon. Stephen Smith MP. He spoke at length on a number of upcoming challenges to the Australian security environment during his presentation, including the AUS-US alliance, and the ADF’s […]