Optics of the Libyan Conflict – Part II

I’ve been trawling through thousands of Libyan conflict photos over the last few days and I’ve found a number of interesting small arms to add to the database. I’ve also come across a few more weapon sights to add to the list that I started here.

Stills from this video show what appears to be an Aimpoint-style collimator sight (possibly a CompM3?) or a knock-off attached to the right side Picatinny rail on an FN F2000 assault rifle.
Photo from video noted above. 

Romanian PSL rifles have seemed to be prevalent in Libya, and most that I have seen have been used in conjunction with I.O.R. (Întreprinderea Optică Română)  LPS TIP2 telescopic sights. These 4x magnification sights have a 24mm diametre lens, and are closely modeled on Soviet/Russian PSO-1 sights.
Photo from Reuters.

This RPG-7 appears to be fitted with a PGO-7B telescopic sight. This is a Belarusian (previously USSR) produced sight with an illuminated reticle , which comes in three models. More information can be found here.
Photo from AP.

I found this clearer photo of an Elcan SpecterOS 3.4x (AKA C79 or ‘Wildcat’) last night. Again, it is seen mounted on an FN FAL.
Photo from AP.

This Heckler & Koch G36 (probably a G36V, the export version) assault rifle appears to be fitted with a combined 3x telescopic sight and 1x reflex sight, as generally seen on Bundeswehr-issue G36s. A photosensor automatically adjusts the illumination of the reticle based on the ambient light conditions.
Photo from AP.

This G36, by comparison, is equipped with an export-standard optical sight – either 1.5x or 3x, as seen here.
Photo courtesy of Brad E. Owens (Osprey Security Services).

UPDATE 16/02/2012
Here’s a great shot of the G36’s combined 3x telescopic sight and 1x reflex sight optics taken in Ragdalin, Western Libya.
Photo by Carl de Souza (AFP).


  1. This is a very interesting cross section of weapons. Great detail. Thanks for the post.

  2. I have a good shot of a P90 too if you would like it.

    1. That’d be fantastic, Brad. Would love to have a chat sometime about Libyan small arms in general. Feel free to drop me an email anytime.

  3. […] across a few interesting optics here and there. You can see my first two posts on these here, and here. I’ve added a handful more […]

  4. Freedom341 · · Reply

    Are you sure that the PGO sight is not chinese?

    1. That is the best photo of that particular sight, so I’m not certain of where it was produced.

  5. Derrick G-L · · Reply

    Does anyone know the camouflage pattern of the pants on the guy climbing up the truck in Photo 5?

    1. I don’t recognise it, and I’ve poked around a little. It looks like something of a mashup between a Russian pattern and old Angolan camouflage. A little like the ROK ‘waves’ pattern too. Of course, it could be a ‘fashion’ pattern, or just something made up locally.

      Something else that is interesting to note: many Libyan copies of the M81 Woodland pattern incorporate an ‘eagle motif’ (see bottom right here: http://camopedia.org/images/0/06/Libya5.jpg)

  6. Tuulos · · Reply

    Looking at the pants closer I’m pretty sure they are actually some fashionable pants with imaginary camo pattern.

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