9M55K cargo rockets and 9N235 submunitions in Syria

Yuri Lyamin and I have written a new post for the ARES company blog, The Hoplite, on the presence of 9M55K cargo rockets and 9N235 fragmentation submunitions in Syria.

Two interesting videos have surfaced from the area around the town of Kafr Zita, in the northern part of Syria’s Hama governorate. In recent days, heavy fighting has raged between government forces and armed opposition groups in the area, with the Syrian Arab Army employing a range of conventional and rocket artillery. Video evidence appears to indicate that the 9K58 Smerch (Смерч; ‘Tornado’) 300 mm multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) was in use. The 9K58 is a 300 mm MLRS originally designed in the USSR, and capable of firing several different rockets, including cargo rockets deploying submunitions. The presence of this system will come as a surprise to many observers, as the 9K58 has not been documented in Syrian service.

9M55K cargo rocket.

9N235 fragmentation submunitions

You can read the entirety of the article here.


  1. This is not “Smerch” artillery , Syrian Arab Army has it own 220mm and 302mm system

  2. Well yes the ammunition seem to be a 300mm one but the article alude that the whole system Smerch , a russian production is used.I say that Syrian Arab Army has the localy produced luncher , it is been shown in war games 2012.

    1. That’s a fair point. Whilst I’m aware of the system, I have seen no evidence that rockets for the 9K58 would be used in conjunction with it. It’s certainly possible, however.

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