ML40AUS grenade launcher high-speed video

I’ve got two articles on the Thales Australia EF88 and the new Madritsch ML40AUS grenade launcher assembly (GLA) in the works. The first will appear in the next edition of On Duty Magazine (which is free for AUS military personnel, LEOs, paramedics, and other front line professionals) and a second, slightly more technically-focused piece, will appear in an international publication a little later in the year.

One of the great things about the new EF88 is the ML40AUS grenade launcher designed specifically for the rifle. The ML40AUS integrates directly with the rifle, allowing the GLA’s trigger to sit within the EF88’s trigger guard. Thales have also designed a new quadrant sight for the GLA, and the two together are significantly better than the current-issue RM Equipment  M203PI / Knight’s Armament quadrant sight combo. More info on the ML40AUS will be in both of my upcoming pieces.

In the meantime, here’s some high-speed video of the GLA being fired. The first video shows an M433 HEDP cartridge being fired, and the second a M583A1 White Star Parachute illumination cartridge.

Update 26/10/2012: You can see some footage of the EF88 and ML40AUS being fired here.

Footage courtesy of Thales Australia. Image copyright: N.R. Jenzen-Jones.


  1. […] The Madritsch ML40AUS was designed for use on the EF88 rifle. Its trigger sits within the EF88 trigger guard allowing the operator to fire it without taking their hand off the rifle’s pistol grip. […]

  2. […] A few more videos from my recent trip to Thales Australia in Lithgow, New South Wales. In these videos, Rob Maylor is test firing the EF88 out to 600m, and the Madritsch ML40AUS at 150m. In the first video, Rob is using the 20″ barrel EF88 (equivalent to the F90M, or Marksman variant) with a Harris bipod and 4x ACOG. We were firing ADI (Thales Australia) manufactured F1A1 ball. In the second video, we’ve still got the 20″ variant, this time without the bipod, and with a Thales-designed quadrant sight. You can see some high-speed footage of the ML40AUS in use here. […]

  3. […] can find some high speed footage of the ML40AUS being fired here, and some video of the EF88 and ML40AUs being fired […]

  4. […] I have previously posted video of the EF88 and ML40AUS being fired , as well as high-speed video of the ML40AUS being fired. […]

  5. […] these distances. Some high-speed video of the EF88/ML40AUS combination firing 40×46 cartridges can be seen here. Magazine changes were identical to current practice (users will already know not to ‘slap in’ […]

  6. […] here. There is also some additional video of the EF88 and ML40AUS being fired, as well as some high-speed footage of the ML40AUS being fired. In the latest image of the EF88 above, note that the bolt catch release, as requested by Defence […]

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