EF88 Video: test firing the EF88 and ML40AUS

A few more videos from my recent trip to Thales Australia in Lithgow, New South Wales. In these videos, Rob Maylor is test firing the EF88 out to 600m, and the Madritsch ML40AUS at 150m. In the first video, Rob is using the 20″ barrel EF88 (equivalent to the F90M, or Marksman variant) with a Harris bipod and 4x ACOG. We were firing ADI (Thales Australia) manufactured F1A1 ball. In the second video, we’ve still got the 20″ variant, this time without the bipod, and with a Thales-designed quadrant sight. You can see some high-speed footage of the ML40AUS in use here.

Photo and videos copyright N.R. Jenzen-Jones.


  1. […] You can find some high speed footage of the ML40AUS being fired here, and some video of the EF88 and ML40AUs being fired here. […]

  2. […] Update 26/10/2012: You can see some footage of the EF88 and ML40AUS being fired here. […]

  3. […] have previously posted video of the EF88 and ML40AUS being fired , as well as high-speed video of the ML40AUS being […]

  4. […] The superior ergonomics and point of balance were immediately noticeable, with both EF88s being significantly more comfortable to manipulate than their predecessors. The 16” variant was particularly easy to handle, and comfortable to manipulate with one hand. The cheek weld was markedly better than on current-issue weapons, and made accurate shooting at range a lot more practical. We engaged targets at 25, 50, 100, and 600 metres, as well as firing grenades out to 150 metres, and found the rifle and GLA to be comfortable and easy to handle at all of these distances. Some high-speed video of the EF88/ML40AUS combination firing 40×46 cartridges can be seen here. Magazine changes were identical to current practice (users will already know not to ‘slap in’ magazines, as you would for many other rifles), however  Defence has now specified that future EF88s will be fitted as standard with a bolt catch release, which should speed up magazine changes. This feature is also standard on all F90 assault rifles. Despite the EF88’s retention of the two-stage, progressive trigger (with long, reasonably heavy trigger pull), we managed to produce surprisingly good results out to 600 metres. Some video of our range time has been posted previously on this site. […]

  5. […] my articles on the Thales Australia EF88 rifle, you can start here. There is also some additional video of the EF88 and ML40AUS being fired, as well as some high-speed footage of the ML40AUS being fired. In the latest image of the EF88 […]

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