Milkor MGL Mk. 1 in the Central African Republic

Seleka soldiers with MGL Mk.1 and Galil SAR in Bangui, CAR.

A quick post to point out what appears to be a Milkor MGL Mk.1 grenade launcher, seen here in the hands of Séléka fighters near Bangui, in the Central African Republic (CAR). The Milkor MGL is a South African six-shot rotary grenade launcher, designed by Andries Piek of Milkor (Pty) Ltd. and introduced into service with the South African Defence Force in 1983. I’ve since seen two more examples in CAR. In the background, we can also see a rather rusty South African R4 rifle. Whilst it is entirely possible these were taken from South African forces stationed in CAR, Milkor MGLs have been found throughout the broader region. 48 Milkor MGLs were destroyed by Mines Advisory Group in Rwanda in 2009, including those in the image below.


In other recent photos from CAR I’ve seen Type 56-2 assault rifles, M79 type grenade launchers, Type 85 heavy machine guns, MAS 36/51 rifles, and what appears to be a Zastava M21 SBS. 

Thanks to Damien Spleeters and Etienne Huver. Image taken from footage by Boris Heger. Rwanda picture courtesy of Roly Evans.

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  1. R4s have been issued in that colour.

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