Small-calibre ammunition in Libya: an update

Ammo from Libya captured by Tunisian authorities

The Small Arms Survey has just released my latest report examining the small-calibre ammunition. Written as an update to my earlier, longer-format report on small-calibre ammo in Libya, this piece examines some new headstamps documented in the country, as well as looking at proliferation out of Libya.

Small-calibre ammunition has proliferated out of Libya to various countries in the region. The UN Panel of Experts on Libya investigated illicit transfers of weapons—which in most cases were either known or thought to include small-calibre ammunition—from Libya to 12 countries in the 12 months preceding March 2013 (Raad et al., 2013, pp. 5, 24–39). These countries include Libya’s immediate neighbours, as well as several countries in West Africa, the Levant, and the Horn of Africa…

You can read the report in its entirety here.

Image copyright Tunisian MOI.

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